10 questions with Tanushka Joshi, Sr. Manager, Customer Experience 

At Plural, we take great pride in our leaders. Every now and then, we like to catch up with one of our leaders to have a quick chat about their role, their leadership style and their time at Plural. In this round of Leadership-in-Focus, Tanuskha Joshi, our Sr. Manager, Customer Experience at Plural shares her journey at Plural and her take on leadership.

About Tanushka Joshi

  1. Introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I’m Tanushka Joshi, Sr. Manager, Customer Experience at Plural by Pine Labs. I’m an Arts graduate and I’ve previously worked at Billdesk, IBM, 3 Global Services and Emibazaar.com.

Some of my favourite things to do are working out and spending time with my daughter and my dog.

2. How did you choose a career in payments? Tell us your journey to this point.

Truthfully, payments just happened to me. I started my career from a BPO and moved to marketing and sales. I joined Pine Labs in 2017 to manage the loyalty platform for UTI mutual funds. From there, I saw an opening for customer experience in Plural and decided to make the jump!

3. What does a day in your life look like?

Hmm, hard to give one answer. Every day is a unique learning experience. But, on a daily basis, I connect with my team and go over the challenges they are facing with the support tickets.

My daily focus is to connect with the relevant stakeholders (settlement team, finance, tech, business etc) and to get the issue addressed and resolved at the grass root level. These are issues regarding bulk refund & IMEI validation, cashback, settlement and many more.

Tanushka’s Plural journey

4. Tell us more about your Customer Experience role at Plural.

Since joining Plural, I set up the Plural SOP in place. I have also taken the Merchant Communication under my team which means any communication that needs to be send to our merchants for any settlement delays, server downtime etc. lies with me. I’m currently working on a consolidated settlement report to merchants. I’m also working on enhancing the dashboards to make it merchant friendly so they can view their settlement / cashbacks/ refunds etc (one view dashboard) and much more.

5. Share with us how you are as a manager.

As a manager my expectations from my team is clear and clear goals have been set for them. I make sure I communicate with the team on a regular basis and check how the work is going on and address any challenges they are facing. I keep encouraging them and motivating them as at times doing the same kind of work can get monotonous. I make sure my team stands together – with and for each other. I also train the team on different skill sets and the multiple dashboards which helps them in faster resolution TAT.

6. What’s it been like working at Plural?

It has been amazing! As online payments is a hot topic, there are multiple ways the business is expanding. It’s exciting that we’re constantly building products at Plural to enable merchants with the right payment solutions.

Tanushka’s approach to leadership

7. Share with us how a support team adds value to business.

From a support standpoint, I look for opportunities where I can add value to business. I do this by equipping my team with the best knowledge on the product and process which adds to faster and accurate resolution giving our merchants the service satisfaction.

8. How do you keep your team motivated?

On a monthly basis, I conduct session with my team where I ask them to share their ideas which they think will help as part of support function. I ensure I incentivise the team with rewards when they do an excellent job, apart the regular R&Rs. I also communicate to the team the positive impact of their work on our business.

9. How do you cultivate a culture of innovation and growth?

As support function my job is not to just get the right answers to merchants. My job involves making sure we can eliminate recurring issues. I leave the team to brainstorm on ideas which will resolve merchant issues at a core level. I know tech and product are always working on future fixes but as support we handle merchant queries hence, we propose our ideas and challenges with them so we can work on some permanent fixes, giving merchants the complete support satisfaction.

10. What advice would you give managers and leaders today?

My advice is to be goal-oriented, build trust with your team members, be decisive and always encourage communication.

Wrapping up

Thanks, Tanushka for your time and for sharing your thoughts with our readers. Your passion for enhancing customer experience from the grass-root level has brought Plural to where we are today. Your leadership style encourages aspiring leaders and leaders everywhere.

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